Modern Languages & Linguistics - iSLanDS

Established at UCLan in 2006, the International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies (iSLanDS) is a unique hub for the study of sign languages and deaf studies. Cutting-edge research is combined with outputs and project activities that contribute to the empowerment of deaf communities all over the world. Prof Ulrike Zeshan is the director of iSLanDS.

iSLanDS’ mission:

To engage in cutting-edge research and high-quality teaching in the areas of sign languages and deaf studies as an international Centre of Excellence
To contribute to the empowerment of deaf communities around the world through a wide range of educational and research activities.

iSLanDS researchers study dozens of diverse sign languages and deaf communities, and use their research to teach ground-breaking theoretical and applied courses. Much of their work focuses on developing countries.

The international academic team conducts research and teaching in sign linguistics and deaf studies on a global scale. Most of the staff, students and collaborators are deaf.

Find out more about iSLanDS here (including information in British Sign Language and International Sign Language) here. Read the iSLanDS blog and follow the group on social media on Twitter and Facebook.