Peterloo bicentenary


August 2019 will be the bicentenary of one of the most important events in the history of Manchester: the Peterloo Massacre. It comes at a time when the events around Peterloo seem particularly relevant and relatable to modern times, with the rise of populism and issues of representation of young people in politics in the headlines.

Commemorating Peterloo

Events commemorating the anniversary have already started at the University of Central Lancashire. More than 40 organisations are already involved in the commemorative events, including schools.

Dr Robert Poole, Guild Research Fellow in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, has a busy schedule ahead as an expert on the history of Peterloo.

One of Robert’s three main areas of research is popular protest in the age of reform and industrial revolution of the 1780s to the 1850s. He is the editor of the 2013 Manchester Region History Review entitled ‘Return to Peterloo’ and has edited ‘Peterloo Revisited’, a volume of 14 essays and over 70 pictures telling the story of the day itself and the events surrounding it.

Robert is currently researching and writing a book about Peterloo for Oxford University Press.

Here, he narrates an animation describing how events unfolded on that fateful summer’s day in 1819.

As part of the Peterloo Memorial Campaign, Robert will be giving seven talks about the events across Greater Manchester, discussing the links between Peterloo and various places across the region.

He is also, alongside Katrina Navickas, supervising a student who is currently working at the National Archives. The aim is to research Home Office Disturbances Papers (which are the main sources for looking at popular protests during the early 19th century).

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