Dr Mark Lochrie

Communication, Culture and Media - Media Innovation Studio


Mark currently resides at the crossroad of computing and design. As a creative technologist researcher, his work explores the intersection of objects, people and interactions viewed through the lens of meaningful experiences woven by physical and digital materials. For Mark, digital is both tangible and invisible, crosses boundaries and is only challenged by our own creativity, innovation and imagination. Human-Centered Design frameworks are what underpins his work, revolving around core principals of people, process and prototyping. Mark embeds himself and his work into the environments he is studying, viewing the research within the contexts of the people he is working with. Within his processes, the people he collaborates with from academics, practitioners and end users, he is able to work across skills in inter/trans-disciplinary fashions.

Based in the Media Innovation Studio, his work if threefold; his own research, servicing academic needs and supervision. Servicing academics – includes mentoring and consulting on a range of academic or commercial projects, either as a researcher or technology consultant. Through mentoring programmes, Mark is able to work with early career researchers who share a common research interest to lay foundations in their research careers. Alongside servicing academics, Mark practices his own interests, where he continues to develop projects with external partners, capture grants and publish research outputs. Supervision is something Mark strongly believes in, he is constantly keen to grow talent, pass on knowledge and share ideas, whether that is through long standing relationships through internships, PhD candidates and teaching. It is with this he feels he can create a vibrant culture for learning, research and development.


Included in the Media Innovation Studio’s manifesto is the nurturing of new talent, which is achieved in many guises from delivering of teaching, interns and Master and, PhD supervision. Mark has always positioned himself as a leader, supervising; Interns from University to European Erasmus+ programmes. Students like Glenn Matthys, Aäron Declerck, Robin De Neef and Ruben Dejaegere contribute research and development to the wider team and align with Mark’s own interests. Projects such as learning through onboarding, making data physical, musical interface objects and IoT for news delivery and digital wellbeing objects have all come out of the work Mark has collaborated on with his interns. Mark also finds the time to supervise PhD candidates; Jack Davenport and Oliver Halstead who are also based within the Media Innovation Studio.


Community Participation in Mobile Entertainment Services