Media Innovation Studio

Communication, Culture and Media

The University of Central Lancashire’s School of Journalism and Media established the Media Innovation Studio in 2012. The studio was set up as a research centre and learning lab. Our staff are engaged in a broad range of media activities spanning community and industry media research, progressive digital teaching and developing new technology.

The Media Innovation Studio operates in the liminal spaces beyond and between the boundaries of traditional disciplines, bringing together areas of research where there are often no obvious connections. The Studio’s research has a social focus driven by asking the sort of questions whose answers create impact through meaningful new opportunities and enriched life experiences.

We generate new knowledge through the creation of disruptive technologies with some of the team team developing web connected objects, wearable technology and tangible interfaces whilst others explore data, drones and digital content creation.

Our research delivers insight and innovation around the means and processes we use to share information: our technology and media. It’s underpinned by a passionate belief that through innovative thinking we can achieve research excellence delivering real world impact and shaping policy.

Our relationships with both local communities and international industry partners help us to see the big picture.  

Together we create meaningful new opportunities and experiences for communities that disrupt, engage, entertain, inform, empower and create lasting change.

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