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StoryLab Colombia Workshop Participants

StoryLab Colombia

Utilising interdisciplinary approaches inspired from music and anthropology, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded StoryLab Research Network develops a methodology entitled Ethnomediaology. An interdisciplinary approach inspired by practices in Ethnomusicology and Autoethnography, Ethnomediaology involves the active and immersive participation of researchers in the research culture and process, using this active personal engagement as a basis for knowledge generation, data gathering and evaluation.

StoryLab Malaysia Workshop Participants

StoryLab Malaysia

The StoryLab Research Network seeks to explore the following questions: What are the consequences for the democratisation of the means of filmmaking and film dissemination on how filmmakers in the developing world tell cinematic stories and in what ways are these stories, and their mode of expression, reflecting a different perspective on living in an increasingly globalised world? In what ways may these emerging narrative developments impact cinematic storytelling in the UK and beyond?

StoryLab Ghana Workshop Participants

StoryLab Ghana

A team of practice led researchers from leading film education institutions in each of the countries of Australia, Dr Nico MeissnerGriffith Film School, (who will be working through Malaysia on this project), Ghana, Sarah Kuntoh, National Film and Television Institute in Accra, Colombia, Dr Sandra Carolina Patiño Ospina, from the University of Ibague in collaboration with Susana Ortiz Obregón, from the National University of Colombia, and the UK, led by Professor Erik Knudsenfrom the University of Central Lancashire. This research network is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

StoryLab California (Wind Wolves)

StoryLab California

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